Social Work

At CHM, our Social Work services are here to provide essential support for individuals and families facing various challenges. Our experienced and compassionate social workers are dedicated to addressing social and emotional needs, helping you navigate life’s complexities, and improving your overall well-being.

We understand that life can be unpredictable, and sometimes you may need assistance in coping with difficult situations. Our social work services are designed to provide the guidance and resources you need to overcome obstacles and find your path to a better future. Whether you’re dealing with mental health challenges, family issues, or other life stressors, CHM’s Social Work services are here to help you every step of the way.

We are proud to be offering counselling and psychosocial support provided by our two senior social workers.

Our team have extensive experience and a wealth of knowledge in the disability and mental health sector.
We provide person-centred, holistic therapy in the form of counselling and psychosocial support.
At CHM we use trauma informed and a strengths-based framework to help enhance the overall wellbeing of children, adolescents and adults who are NDIS participants.
We implement capacity building strategies and work alongside the participants wider support system.
We work with individuals of all ages.
Our social workers are qualified to deliver the Triple P Parenting program. Including specialist programs to support parents of individuals with intellectual disability.

Triple P Parenting Program

Triple P is a parenting and family support system designed to help children to realise their potential.

Triple P is designed to be with parents on every step of their journey, providing help and guidance to families when they need it. It aims to create supportive family environments and to prevent and treat behavioural and emotional problems in children and teenagers.

Triple P programs draw on social learning, cognitive behavioural and developmental theory, in addition to research into risk factors associated with the development of social and behavioural problems in children. We equip parents with the skills and confidence they need to be able to manage any family issue.