Specialist Educator

Specialist educators are experts in all areas of a child’s learning and social and emotional wellbeing. They will work with you and your child at home, preschool or school to ensure that your child is learning and developing through their everyday activities and interests that engage and motivate them.

They will work parent and carers and other educators to support your child to play, learn and make friends at preschool and school.

Your child might work with a specialist educator if they need a specially designed learning program or extra support for learning or coping at school.

A specialist educator might assist with the following:

Support students with disability or learning, social or behaviour difficulties
Help when children need extra support for learning
Support students in mainstream and specialist schools
Set goals for students based on areas of strength and difficulty
Cater for a range of learning needs in classrooms
Work with families to create the best learning opportunities for students at school and at home
Our specialist educator is currently supporting students in Wagga Wagga and surrounds.
Help with using the right equipment and resources to support learning needs