Meet our Directors

Co-owners Katia and Einasleigh, are speech pathologists graduating from CSU in Albury with a background primarily in public health. 

Kat has extensive clinical knowledge in the disability field, as well as vast experience in acute neurology, aged care and head and neck cancer. Kat is most interested in complex dysphagia management, and adult disability work. Kat is keen to expand her skills in the implementation of FEES.

When she’s not at work, Kat enjoys shopping (usually for things she can’t afford), hanging out with her husband and three incredible little girls, and drinking a good pinot. 

Einasleigh has an extensive clinical history in most areas of practice. Her main areas of expertise are complex dysphagia management and general adult practice. She is keen to expand her skills to the implementation of FEES this year. She is also dedicated to making sure everyone gets paid, and keeping the office in working order (despite the best efforts of her business
partner). She also recently graduated from a Masters in Healthcare Leadership and Management.

Outside of work, Einasleigh enjoys horse riding, gin cocktails, and cooking for her husband and two amazing little people, who don’t like her food.  

Lily - Allied Health Assistant

Lily is CHM’s incredible lead Allied Health Assistant. She is currently in her third year studying Occupational Therapy, and has recently completed her Brain Gym training.

Lily was diagnosed with Autism as a young child, and has an exceptional, first-hand understanding of the inner workings of the allied health world. She is kind, funny, and has a knack for developing positive relationships with her clients in a split-second.

Outside of work, Lily enjoys camping and traveling, sleeping in, after work drinks, and a good chat.


Bella - Speech Pathologist

Bella is part of CHM’s speech pathology team. She has completed a Bachelor of Applied Science, and Masters of Speech Pathology.

Bella is particularly interested in school aged speech and language, and acute adult services. Bella will be taking on part of our role at Calvary Hospital, as well as covering our outreach service to the Young and Leeton areas.

When she’s not at work, Bella loves spending time with her furry friend Bailey, exploring new parts of the world, and baking the world’s best choc chip cookies.

Erica - Social Worker

Erica is CHM’s Senior Social Worker. Erica has a Bachelor of Social work, and extensive experience in the field.

Most recently, Erica has been working in case management with children and young people with high and complex needs to ensure safety, stability, development, and implementation of case plans. Erica is interested in capacity building, resilience, and emotional regulation. She is also keen to participate in further education regarding behaviour management and positive behaviour support.

Outside of work, Erica stays busy with her four clever kids and husband, and enjoys horse riding. She also loves country music, animals, and the colours green and purple.  

Rebecca - Speech Pathologist

Bec is CHM’s senior speech pathologist. Bec graduated from CSU with a Bachelor of Speech and Language Pathology. She is qualified in multiple Hanen programs, SOS feeding, Responsive Feeding, LAMP and PECS.

Bec will be helping to cover the adult caseload at Calvary Hospital, and will be outreaching to Griffith and Barellan. Bec is exceptionally skilled in working with clients with Disability, particularly in the NDIS space. She has a passion for working with high tech AAC, feeding, and complex language needs. Bec is keen to expand her skills in adult neurology and complex dysphagia management. 

When she’s not working, you’ll usually find Bec out for brunch, shopping, or travelling away for the weekend. She is a coffee, gin, cheese, and charcuterie connoisseur (despite being lactose intolerant!). You may have seen Bec’s beautiful face around, as she often models for a local boutique clothing store. 

Michael - Psychologist

Michael is CHM’s psychologist and token male employee (for now). Michael has a Bachelor of Psychology, Masters in Health Services Management, and a Diploma in Adolescent Mental Health.

Michael is particularly interested in counselling services for adolescents and adults, focusing on worry and general anxiety, depression and mood issues, life transitions and drug and alcohol counselling. Michael is working towards expanding his skills in the paediatric field. 

Michael has three amazing daughters, who he freely admits have a great deal more talent than him. It is their biggest fear to see their dad dance in front of their friends. Michael loves history and all things boats, and has not yet given up his lifelong dream of becoming the opening batsman for the Australian cricket team. 

Emma - Specialist Educator

Emma is CHM’s incredibly experienced specialist educator. Emma has a Bachelor of Education (Primary), and extensive post-graduate experience in early learning and literacy. Emma has recently completed Brain Gym training, and is passionate about incorporating movement into her programs to facilitate regulation and behaviour. 

Emma is particularly interested in the area of emotional regulation and behaviour management. She plans to complete further education in this area to assist with ensuring all her clients are successful in their learning environments. 

Outside of work, Emma likes hanging out with her husband and three beautiful kids, and tending to her stunning flower patch.

Taylah - Speech Pathologist

Taylah is also part of CHM’s speech pathology team. She has a Bachelor of Speech Pathology, and has completed post graduate training in LAMP, Hanen and Responsive Feeding.

Taylah will be leading with way with the paediatric caseload at CHM, and is particularly interested in complex speech and language, disability and paediatric feeding. She loves interacting with babies and toddlers, engaging in play-based therapy, and supporting families to deliver home based therapy.  

Taylah hopes to expand her paediatric experience by participating in ongoing feeding and language education, and is interested in Oromyofacial Myology.

Outside of work, Taylah loves doing pilates and going for her daily walk, cooking, and reading a good book. Taylah’s special party trick is that she can lick her own elbow (seriously, we’ve seen it). 

Charli - Allied Health Assistant

Charli is CHM’s Allied Health Assistant and administration support. With a background in agriculture and real estate, Charli made the change to a more person-focused profession. She is sweet, funny and gets on well with everyone. Charli helps to deliver specific programs, and develop personalised resources under the guidance of CHM’s other professionals. She also assists with all-things-admin throughout the week, including managing the waitlist, developing client profiles, and ensuring the office stays up and running.

Charli has recently completed Brain Gym training, and is keen to expand her skills in the areas of paediatric speech pathology and education.

When she’s not at work, Charli can often be found singing and playing her guitar at various venues around the Riverina. She also enjoys attending music festivals, hanging out with her partner, and playing with their dog, Joe.