Speech Pathology

At Collaborative Health Murrumbidgee, we specialise in the comprehensive study, diagnosis, and treatment of communication disorders. This encompasses a wide range of challenges, such as speaking, listening, language comprehension, reading, writing, social skills, stuttering, and voice usage.

Our dedicated team of speech pathologists is here to assist individuals who face communication difficulties due to various factors, including developmental delays, stroke, brain injuries, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, dementia, hearing loss, and a host of other conditions that can impact speech and language. 

Our Speech Pathology services are a vital component of our allied health discipline.

CHM provides personalised assessment and therapy, tailored to your unique needs and care goals.
Our experienced speech pathologists specialise in dysphagia management, addressing eating and drinking difficulties.
We are the exclusive service in the Murrumbidgee region offering instrumental assessment through our partnership with Imaging Associates.
Our services extend to both adult and paediatric clients, offering communication assessment and intervention.
We are committed to ongoing professional development, ensuring the most current assessment and intervention methods.
We host students from various universities as part of our continuous learning process – you might see them in our clinic or in your session under the supervision of a qualified therapist.