At Collaborative Health Murrumbidgee our counsellor is a registered psychologist and can assist in the areas of:-

  • Worry and general anxiety.
  • Mild to moderate depression / mood issues
  • Adjustment to life transitions and changing personal situations.
  • Drug and alcohol counselling (not withdrawal management)
  • Skills development for improved coping strategies

At CHM our counsellor will facilitate a thorough assessment and appreciation of a person’s background, developmental history, and significant life events, with the aim of helping a person improve their current life situation.

At CHM our counsellor will help you identify goals and potential solutions to problems which cause emotional distress, help you improve communication and coping skills, help you get to know yourself and your reactions to situations and promote behaviour change and optimal mental health.

Counselling is a joint effort between the counsellor and client.

Our counsellor will work with adults and young people 14 years and over (with parent permission) and children and families.

Our counsellor provides a non-judgmental, empathetic approach with a focus on the role of conscious thought and behaviour in developing coping skills and increasing the clients understanding of themselves. Clients are supported in learning practical skills to change habitual patterns of unhelpful thinking and behaviour.



Our counselling service if offered by a male who can also provide support to men for any life issues.

For further information, please contact our administration via email:

Counselling with a registered psychologist might assist with the following:

worry and general anxiety
mood issues
changing personal situations
coping strategies
skills development
adjusting to life transitions